World Drag Racing Circuit (WDRC) is a drag racing league created so that imports, which includes Japanese, European, and exotics vehicle can race against domestic market vehicles. Due to the variety of formats and platform our index and heads up program minimizes the need to focus on specific engine size, chassis or power adders. This program makes racing fun, while maintaining the challenging and competitive nature of the sport of drag racing.

Mr. Thomas built, raced, and tuned all types of cars and wanted to create a series that would allow these cars to race against each other. We created the series after doing several themed events for domestic and the import cars and realized it was more fun if they raced each other. WDRC race series facilities all types of drag racing platforms and creates an even playing field for all. The index class eliminates the need for monitoring engine size, turbo size and drive train format. Run the time, run the index, simple and fun.

World Drag Racing Circuit

Why Imports vs Domestics?

With the complexity of the vehicle and the various drive trains that comes with todays vehicles, it becomes difficult to have a class to fit all.

Since we primarily cater to the street modifiers of both import and domestic formats, it was important to keep it simple. Vinny Ten of Vinny Ten Racing created the Index format, which simplified the classes by focusing on the times these cars ran and not the chassis layout, engine or power adders. Again making it simple and keeping it fun and competitive for all.

Our 2020 calendar

Check out our schedule page for the upcoming races!


The 742 Marketing Racewars series is back for year three is getting bigger and more which runs our standard class structure and rules for heads up, index and bracket racing. Please see our rules and regulations link for race details. For more details and information on the complete event, please go to 742marketing.com.

All In Motorsports

This year we have added the ‘All In’ Series that is designed to challenge the racers, builders and tuners with a no limit rules. This means, we will not monitor the weight, fuel mixtures, turbo size, nor chassis set up for any of our class. Everything goes. The only rules we will enforce are the NHRA safety rules and compliances including diaper with absorber scatter shield rules where they apply. Please refer to NHRA website for these rules and regulation.

These events also will have a car show, sound battle, and many other items to entertain and excite the fans.

All are our events are family, pet and kid friendly.